What I look for is not library walls adorned with ivory and glass, but your mind’s abode; for I have installed there not books, but what gives books their value.
~ “Lady Philosophy” in The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius (circa 524)

James H. Joiner is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University.  His areas of concentration include: philosophy of religion, medieval philosophy, and bioethics.  He also works as an ethicist and serves on the ethics board at a regional medical center.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations:

~ “Reframing Religious Questions: Developing A Naturalistic Philosophy of Life” at Arizona Secular Freethinkers.

~ “Principlism and Moral Analysis in Bioethics” at Flagstaff Medical Center.

~ Moderator, “Is Goodness Without God Good Enough?” Panel Debate, at NAU

~ “The Perennial Quest: An exploration of philosophy through the enduring human questions” at Philosophy in the Public Interest

~ “Human Dignity in Health Care Practice” at Flagstaff Medical Center.

~ “Eastern Metaphysics: The Many Faces of Pantheism” at Philosophy Department Symposium, Northern Arizona University

Recent Publications:

Kant and the Question of Theology (co-edited with Chris L. Firestone and Nathan A. Jacobs), Cambridge University Press.

Recent Courses:

~ PHI 352: Philosophy of Religion

~ PHI 150: Philosophies of the World

~ PHI 332: Health Care Ethics

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~ Academia.edu

~ NAU.edu

Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit.